" I have already thanked Tasha personally but also would like to share how fab she was. Both times I have met her she's been dressed like a true professional with absolutely exquisite make-up and the make up trial I had was spot on first time. Tasha has a very impressive selection of make up plus a makeup chair so she is well prepared wherever she is needed! On my wedding day 2 weeks ago she did my make up beautifully as well as my bridesmaids and my Mum! She even went above and beyond for me after I had to wash my eye out after getting something in it, re-doing that bit for me again whilst the registrar was chatting to me, not even getting distracted at all! This meant Tasha ended up being with me right up until I left the bridal suite (at The Lawn, Rochford), and she even took some wonderful pictures of us as well. She was a brilliant make up artist but more than that as well in the end! A big part of my wedding day and a true lifesaver. I'm just waiting for another occasion to pop up to give me a reason to hire her again now. " 



" It was a lovely night, the makeup was exactly how I wanted it to be and it was one of my favourite parts of my prom. I wish I could have you do my makeup everyday, it was so pretty, thank you sooo much!  xx " 




" Hi Tasha, I was going to message to say a huge thank you, Annalise is a quiet girl who doesn't usually wear dresses or make up, she looked and felt amazing on prom day and much of that was down to you! I am so grateful for what you did. Thank you again, you are a star! x x "



" I Loved having my makeup done by Tasha, she was so professional and was such a perfectionist. I felt so good for my night out. Highly recommend! " 



" Tasha worked her socks off today painting faces at Ella's 4th birthday party. The kids (and parents!) loved her and her designs were beautiful, particularly the Frozen - themed ones! Thanks Tasha for making Ella's day a very special one xx "  



" Tasha was the most wonderful makeup artist at my wedding, she arrived and did 5 of us back to back and made everyone feel like a princess. My mum who doesn't wear much makeup was thrilled and felt very glamorous. I'd highly recommend Tasha. "